Agrigento – Valle dei templi

Agrigento is known as the “City of the Temples” for its expanse of Doric temples of the ancient Greek city (Akragas) in the so-called Valley of the Temples, a World Heritage Site since 1997. The Valley of the Temples is today an archaeological and naturalistic park which, with its 1300 hectares of extension, it is the largest archaeological site in the world. Famous names of literature related to this city are Luigi Pirandello and Leonardo Sciascia (from Racalmuto, north of Agrigento), but also Andrea Camilleri, who sets the novels of “Il commissario Montalbano” between Porto Empedocle and Agrigento, places used also as a set of the homonymous fiction.

From Agrigento, going down real Porto Empedoclee and going back towards Realmonte, you come to the Scala dei Turchi. It is a rocky wall that rises directly above the sea, of pure white color and with a peculiar stair shape

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