Transfer and Taxi h24 Donnalucata

Taxi h24 Donnalucata - South Sicility Shuttle

In this case we are talking about one of the many hamlets of Scicli, a small town by the sea, which is populated, above all, in the summer period. Its beaches make it a perfect place to spend your summer, full of restaurants specializing in fish cuisine and small bars, with a particular mention of … Read more

Transfer and Taxi h24 Noto

Taxi h24 Noto - South Sicility Shuttle-2

One of the most enchanting places in Sicily is the Val di Noto, and its city in particular. A city famous for its baroque, for its structures dating back to the 1500s, and for all that it manages to bring out in our hearts. The most important structure is its majestic cathedral, entirely built in … Read more

Transfer and Taxi h24 Portopalo di Capo Passero

Taxi h24 Portopalo - South Sicility Shuttle

This is a village as small as it is rich in places and structures to visit and live in full. From its Fort, which rises at the highest point of the island of Capo Passero, to the Isle of Currents. The sea is its nest, with beaches famous all over the world, the most cited … Read more

Transfer and Taxi h24 Ragusa

Ragusa Ibla - Veduta

Ragusa is a charming province in the south of Sicily, the southernmost province of the entire Italian nation. Its structure links all the technology and architecture of today, with the Baroque of its historical part, Ragusa Ibla. Like all the territory, Ragusa is also bursts of great cuisine, products of the earth, from dairy to … Read more