Transfer and Taxi h24 Pozzallo

Taxi h24 Pozzallo - South Sicility Shuttle -2

A charming seaside town, a veritable seaside town that is lived 365 days a year. Its great beaches and its structure make it a lively and intense city. The culture of fish is the host, from the most sophisticated fishing methods linked to the knowledge and experience of tradition, to the fish cuisine in which … Read more

Transfer and Taxi h24 Marina di Modica

Taxi h24 Marina di Modica - South Sicility Shuttle -2

Village of Modica, it accompanies the baroque style of the city towards the infinite marine horizon. This country is a real winter desert, but with the first warm winds it becomes a melting pot of people who want to feel the air of the sea. Rich in chalets on the beach, ready to welcome tourists … Read more

Transfer and Taxi h24 Scicli

Taxi h24 Scicli - South Sicility Shuttle - 2

Its beauty was discovered by the producers of the famous television series “Il Commissario Montalbano”, but this town has always been there, with its traditions and its architectural structures. Rich in Baroque, it is a real grill, made up of small streets that accompany the vision of this beautiful place. Everything leaves you speechless in … Read more

Transfer and Taxi h24 Marzamemi

Taxi h24 Marzamemi - South Sicility Shuttle

Few choose to take a boat ride without going through this beautiful town. A real port turned into a city. His houses are all small lodgings, once inhabited by fishermen, who did not ask much about their home, as for their boats, and the possibility, with them, to do a good fishing, for the sustenance … Read more

Transfer and Taxi h24 Marina di Ragusa

Taxi h24 Marina di Ragusa - South Sicility Shuttle -2

Fraction of Ragusa, is the most exclusive beach of the entire province. Several yachts sail to its port, ready to dock and live the nightlife of this beautiful location. During the day, a charming town by the sea, with capacious beaches, ready to welcome the population and tourists, for a relaxing day between sand and … Read more

Transfer and Taxi h24 Sampieri

Taxi h24 Sampieri - South Sicility Shuttle

The most famous fraction of Scicli on the coast, Sampieri has often hosted scenes from the famous series “Il Commissario Montalbano”, a small village that offers peace and tranquility in the middle of winter, but comes alive and goes wild in the middle of summer. Sun, sea, beaches, lots of music and a desire to … Read more